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To book your service, email to set up an appointment. Payment is accepted through CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo.  Full payment is due at the time of the reservation to reserve the reading. You can also pay for the service using the button below before reserving the date and time of the appointment. No refunds.



Want to try tarot but don't want to make too much of a financial commitment? This sample reading is a quick one-card reading that offers answers to your question in an affordable way.



The most popular, in-demand reading, this is an affordable introduction to tarot reading. Have the knowledge of your spirit guides and the Universe at your disposal for an amazing price! Readings are offered virtually either through video call, email, or a video.



Have the knowledge of your spirit guides and the Universe at your disposal for an amazing price! Readings are offered virtually either through video call, email, or a video.



In Tarot Reading Party package, we come to your event and read on-site! Each participant gets a 15-minute reading. This means that for a 2 hour time slot, there can be up to 8 readings. For a 4 hour time slot, there can be 16 readings. For a 6 hour time slot, there can be up to 24 readings! This is an affordable way to jazz up your birthday party, wedding, or event. While prices start at $200 with a minimum of a 2 hour time slot, the total price of the party depends on the hour time slot, so please contact us for an exact quote.



The Written Tarot Reading is our most affordable tarot reading option! This service is offered via email. You are obligated to up to three clarifying emails to the Tarot Reader. This service is billed on the word count of the reading. With a word count increment of 250, 500, 750, and 1000 words, you can have an in-depth reading for $0.10/word. The best thing about this affordable option? You will always have your reading to refer to since it's in writing! Moreover, you can add a written component to the other services for the low price of $0.10/word. With the Written Tarot Reading, you'll never forget a reading!



This is one of my most popular services. Because of my extensive tarot knowledge, other tarot readers love to come to me for help in interpreting a spread they're working on. This is not a course. It is a consultation service. I will help interpret a spread by offering my insights.


$200/month (4 sessions)

Tarot Mentorship Program is a 1:1 mentorship program where the client and tarot reader meet on a frequent basis as the tarot reader mentors and supports the client through their tarot journey. The program is customized around the client's learning goals and objectives. Homework and worksheets are included to help the client's learning objectives. This is not a course, but a highly customizable, flexible, and educational mentorship between the tarot reader and client. This is not a consultation--the tarot reader is not consulting on (a) tarot spread(s) but supporting the client's knowledge and understanding of tarot by teaching and explaining tarot in a fluid, non-rigid way, adapting to the particular student's learning style and goals.



Order a gift certificate for any of the services offered here to either reserve a future reading for yourself or offer it as a gift to a loved one so they can enjoy the advantages of tarot.

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