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I'm so grateful to have found this woman! Kiki is an amazingly accurate reader. Her methods of conveying the messages from spirit, make it clear and easy to understand. She is also very honest. She makes sure to tell you EVERYTHING she sees. Not just the things she thinks you want to hear. She helps me immensely! I would absolutely recommend her!

Kamaria Mitchell

She is wicked with the tarot cards! I believe in the supernatural and she’s definitely supernatural if she can read the cards like she’s reading my mind! She is eager to teach me about the meanings behind the cards. I’m always excited for another round of tarot reading with her 🤗🤗


Kizuwanda did my tarot card reading a while back and she was VERY on point with everything. My tarot card reading gave me a lot of clarity and opened my eyes to a lot of things. I strongly recommend her and would most definitely be getting more readings with her in the future!

Angelique Jones

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